Dublin Design Festival
31 Oct—10 Nov

This year, Dublin Design Festival is a 12 day festival of design, taking place right across the city. Operating as a collaborative and participative umbrella network, the festival brings together principal industry organisations along with key national and International participants. A dynamic programme of events, featuring The Future, with the future at its heart, includes exhibitions, conferences, live events and more, all celebrating and examining the many facets of design and its importance to business, culture and society.

We invite you to feed in, to contribute, to participate. We plan to build on this year’s activities, to broaden audiences and to establish a model that can be rolled out nationally with regional hubs.

We look forward to starting this conversation with you over the course of the festival.

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Friday 14th October—Sunday 22nd January


Science Gallery Dublin

What happens when creativity, art and engineering collide with power, pain and politics?

We have a tendency to view design as always beneficial, an activity that always adds positive value, but design can be also used for malevolent and harmful purposes. Good design does precisely what it was made to do –– even if these intentions are not morally or ethically commendable. DESIGN AND VIOLENCE, a new free exhibition at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin in co-production with The Museum of Modern Art, New York (MoMA), examines the myriad ways design intersects with violence, both through intent or through unintended consequences.

From beginnings as an online curatorial experiment at MoMA in 2013, DESIGN AND VIOLENCE now takes its turn as a physical show at Science Gallery Dublin until 22nd January 2017. For the first time, visitors will be able to experience the show in person, exploring how art and technology is used to oppress as well as to resist, and considering the role of design in relation to our rights and bodies — both in Ireland and abroad. This new version of the exhibition has been curated collaboratively by both organisations.

Find out more at https://dublin.sciencegallery.com/designandviolence.

Friday 14th October 12:00pm

Sunday 22nd January 6:00pm