Dublin Design Festival
31 Oct—10 Nov

This year, Dublin Design Festival is a 12 day festival of design, taking place right across the city. Operating as a collaborative and participative umbrella network, the festival brings together principal industry organisations along with key national and International participants. A dynamic programme of events, featuring The Future, with the future at its heart, includes exhibitions, conferences, live events and more, all celebrating and examining the many facets of design and its importance to business, culture and society.

We invite you to feed in, to contribute, to participate. We plan to build on this year’s activities, to broaden audiences and to establish a model that can be rolled out nationally with regional hubs.

We look forward to starting this conversation with you over the course of the festival.

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Wednesday 1st November

ICADemy: Look Around You

Boys & Girls

This ICADemy workshop is pitched at all creatives. It will explore 360º vs Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality vs Mixed Reality, with plenty of practical, creative and hands-on elements across several venues.

Our facilitators – Niall Campion, Cathy O’Flaherty (Samsung Ireland) and Shane Casey (Boys & Girls), – will lead attendees through the distinctions and terminology, how to experience and approach 360º video and how to approach Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, aligning the growing media form with the unique benefits that creativity can bring to it, and the brands that employ it.

The session will begin in Boys & Girls Advertising and conclude in a secret venue, in association with ICAD Innovation Partner INM.

This workshop is part of a new series of half-day workshops under our learning banner ‘ICADemy’. ICADemy combines theory and practice, allowing you to really engage in the creative process. You can call it training if you like, it will definitely benefit your professional life, but it’s more than that. It’s about giving you the tools to reach creative excellence. And it’s fun.

Photo credit: Sunny Wieler www.stoneart.ie/photography

Wednesday 1st November


€50.00 - €100.00


ICAD (The Institute of Creative Advertising & Design)


Boys & Girls

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