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31 Oct—10 Nov

This year, Dublin Design Festival is a 12 day festival of design, taking place right across the city. Operating as a collaborative and participative umbrella network, the festival brings together principal industry organisations along with key national and International participants. A dynamic programme of events, featuring The Future, with the future at its heart, includes exhibitions, conferences, live events and more, all celebrating and examining the many facets of design and its importance to business, culture and society.

We invite you to feed in, to contribute, to participate. We plan to build on this year’s activities, to broaden audiences and to establish a model that can be rolled out nationally with regional hubs.

We look forward to starting this conversation with you over the course of the festival.

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Monday 6th November

Make:Shift Ireland Conference

The Helix

If you are a student, graduate or professional interested in hearing about and discussing groundbreaking ideas and concepts that are impacting the way we live, learn, make and share then MAKE:SHIFT IRELAND on is not to be missed!

Make:Shift Ireland is a one-day international conference that will explore the future of making and the nature of disruptive innovation in craft and design. It will bring together international experts on the cutting edge of craft, design and innovation from across a variety of fields, from architecture, bioscience and manufacturing, to glass, ceramics and textiles, to discuss innovative ideas and concepts that are impacting the ways in which we live, learn, make and share.

Jeff Powers, Head of Making Digital Technology at London’s renowned Heatherwick Studio, will give the keynote address and he’ll be joined by a dynamic line-up of speakers who are pioneers in key areas, from bio design and sustainability to manufacturing innovation and distribution. They will explore new processes for creating and opportunities for the future as the fields of research, scientific exploration, digital making and technology merge.

The speakers will include:
Carole Collet who works on speculative projects such as ‘bio-lace’ which investigates the intersection of synthetic biology and textile design to propose future fabrication processes for textiles.
Kirsty Emery whose company Unmade received £3.1 million seed investment to build a curated customisation platform to reinvent knitwear.

Jarmo Eskelinen, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Future Cities Catapult, which is aiming to advance urban innovation through smart and future cities.
Shelley James a glass artist who, among other projects, explores five-fold symmetry and research into a new generation of molecular structures that respond to light.

Indy Johar of Project 00, Opendesk and WikiHouse who is exploding the making process through global co-operative and collaborative open source design projects. He questions the future of ownership, intellectual property, insurance and more in a hyper-networked globalised and localised economy.

Ann Mulrooney who as CEO of VISUAL Carlow directs artistic and engagement programming, developing thematic links and partnerships across disciplines, exhibitions and projects to explore local relevance and develop new knowledge.

Irish silversmith Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill who explores the intersection between traditional craft process and new technology.

Fi Scott, a designer who is passionate about manufacturing and who founded Make Works which sources local fabricators, material suppliers and workshop facilities.

Fabian Strunden who, as Daqri’s Dublin-based UX/UI design lead, is responsible for the user interface and user experience design of DAQRI’s Visual Operating System™ featured on the DAQRI Smart Glasses™.
Japanese shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana whose Heel-less Shoes incorporate traditional Japanese craft techniques into desirable, contemporary forms and which have been worn by Lady Gaga.
Dries Verbruggen, a founder of Unfold, a studio which develops projects that investigate new ways of creating, manufacturing, financing and distributing in a changing context.

Make:Shift is a Crafts Council UK brand and event. Make:Shift Ireland is produced by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland in association with Crafts Council UK and with the support of The Finnish Institute in London and Dublin City University (DCU).

Image courtesy of Unmade.

Monday 6th November


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